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osteopathy to help with running injuries

Can Osteopaths Help With Running Injuries

Yes an osteopath can help with running injuries,. With the increase in running distances aches and strains tend to develop. The basic running process is repetitive process of pounding the pavements exposing your joints and muscles to constant impact. Any off road running will also expose your muscles and ligaments to lateral movements. Repetitive demands and stress upon the body…

happy being single

How To Be Happy Living Alone

Living alone and being single There are two different types of people when it comes to being in relationships and being single. Some people are very happy being single, others really are not. For those who are not, life when single can feel very tough, especially if people around you are in couples. But being single can be a blessing,…

tranquil view of mountains and a lake

Living a Single Sustainable Lifestyle

Don’t get me wrong I am no eco warrior but doing my freelance day job I get to research a lot of topics. The last one I did today actually got me thinking, am I doing my bit for the environment and the future for my kids. The honest answer is no I am not at all, or maybe some…

best comfy work boots 2022

Best Comfy Work Boots For 2022

Work boots, what the nation is built upon so ideally you will want value for money when purchasing your best work boots. Of course there are things to consider before you buy your boot, what environment will you be working in. Do they have to have safety standards, steel toe caps, resistant to oils etc.  Comfy Work Boots 2022 When…

online fraud

Digital Fraud

During the lockdown it seemed that the fraudsters were using their time to create more devious ways to part the public from their money. As they are becoming more common I have decided to show them all on this blog post. This in the hope that you will come back to see the new ones I add so you do…

runners knee what causes it

Runners Knee or Anterior Knee Pain

Most commonly called runners knee, this is a very common injury with runners. The repetitive, demanding nature of running will cause additional forces through your knee. If there is a muscular imbalance this will cause irritation into the tendons on one side of your knee through knee cap (patella) maltracking.

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