The History Of Music Distribution

Music, it’s probably been around since the start of time in some shape for form. Of course in the beginning there was no distribution of the music just the local audience. When people released that other people would like to listen to their tunes and were also willing to pay for it well. Thats when … Read more

The Beginners Guide To Cycling and Loosing Weight

One of the most asked questions for new cyclists is; How much should I spend on a bike? It it will be a topic of conversation in the cycling world for ever. The reason is that everyone has their own opinion, and thats a good thing as long as it’s a healthy opinion. Some advise … Read more

The Work Office is Now The Home Office

Since earlier in the year, more and more people have been working from home, with some large corporate offices looking to carry this trend on even after the pandemic is over. With this in mind, we have gathered some advice and inspiration for your own home office design. room one This light grey, gloss office … Read more

Mens Mental Health and Covid 19

Men have never been great at accepting or even talking about mental health issues. It’s the macho image we have always grown up with and the simple phrases our parents passed down to us. It is not their fault because they were just passing on what had been passed down to the. Grown men don’t … Read more

Plantar Fasciitis What The Hell Is That

Plantar Fasciitis from jogging

Plantar Fasciitis was just a word I heard a couple of times, it didn’t really mean anything to me. During the lockdown I started jogging for health reasons, I will be honest to help me cut down drinking as well. Actually it has also given me a little more structure to the week and tremendously … Read more

Business Interruption Claims

Business Interruption claims

Im sure there are many small business out there who will breath a sigh of relief after the test case and courts decision. Now some of the business interruption claims will be valid, however it all depends on the actual wording of the policy itself. UK financial regulators took aim at insurers’ attempts to compare … Read more

What Is Fraud And What Are The Penalties If Caught

covid 19 scams

It might just be me doing unlucky but during this Covid, lockdown period the number of attempted scams seems to have increased. Emails, text messages all seem to have increased over this period and its getting more difficult to spot the fake from the real thing. There has been a couple of emails that I … Read more

The Ultimate Tech Gadget EncroChat

EncroChat and convictions

Personally until this big bust by the National Crimble Agency I had never heard on EncroChat or that it even existed. A supercool encrypted phone, how James Bond is that, well actually it should be one of the villains. Is this lawful? There has since been a wave of search and arrest operations in the … Read more

Lockdown And Driving

As lockdown ensued from March and then people were encouraged too work from home the result was less traffic on the roads. This resulted in fewer car accidents, no congestion and aa price drop in petrol. It was a pleasure to drive again on the odd occasion that I went out to get supplies. Following … Read more

Irritable Bowl Syndrome What Can You Do About It

symptoms of IBS

Looking for an IBS Specialist Nutritionist in London? At Wellthy Clinic we offer a range of services (Nutritionist, Osteopathy and Pilates) to provide a complete natural treatment plan to reduce your IBS symptoms. In the below article we will discuss how IBS is a complex condition and therefore you need to address much more than just your diet to reduce … Read more

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