About Us

Our Approach

To live life to the full and not be slaves to the workplace, Be bold be brave cast of those corporate shackles. Dare to be different, spend time with the ones you love and make money from something you enjoy doing. Oh of course sharing affiliate links through the blog, after all thats how we make our money

Our Story

In my corporate life I started and internal blog to be able to communicate  to my staff around Europe. After a while I realised that there was potential to earn money from website and affiliates. So I built a website using WordPress around the industry I was at the time, Casinos. After working on the site (early mornings and late nights)  after a few years it started creating an income. Now I work from home making more money than I ever did in the corporate world. That was before SKY bet closed their affiliate program, from thousands a month to zero. Now I have honed those skills and now work as a SEO Freelancer.

Meet the Team

Karl, & Dave, both of us have been active in sports for all the 50 + years we have been here so far. We do not intend in slowing down anytime soon either.

Next Steps…

I will be writing a post on exactly how I created my first blog, website and how I make money even whilst I am asleep. Stay tuned for the big reveal.