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Now if you’re into your cycling I am sure that like most you have dreamed of doing part of the Tour de France route. Wait how do you get your bicycle there, do you ride it all the way. No you don’t have to anymore not since the invention of the Bike Box.

It’s a box designed to keep you expensive bicycle safe whilst traveling internationally. I think we have all seen footage of the airport baggage handlers. So you need something robust to keep your bike safe.

bike box by shokbox
Bike Box By Shokbox

The product The Bike Box By Shokbox

The idea behind the ShokBox came about after a trip to Italy resulted in some costly damage to a rear Mech and hanger. The creator decided that seeing as we were now firmly in the 21st century, transportation for bikes around the world should be too. After all, if we can wear a helmet cam to capture our rides, surely we should be able to protect our bikes properly too? 

It started by creating the basis for a revolutionary anti-crush system as well as provide impact damping too. Both things are vital when a bike is being transported. Whilst we all hope that our bikes are going to be handled carefully, we know this really isn’t always the case. 

The New ShokBox® is not only just about protecting the bike whilst it’s being transported, but it also protects it from theft or loss too. The case not only provides a built-in GPS feature, which means that you can use your smartphone to see exactly where your bike is at all times.  It also has a raft of design and engineering features that keep your bike safe and secure. it really does have it all! 



Tough and Durable

Our high performance, easy to pack, innovative design brings together quality, durability and affordable strength. The Shokbox bicycle transport case with integrated features such as recessed TSA latches, wheels and handle cleverly engineered from tough durable materials with strength in mind, to create the ultimate protection system.

Light and Strong

Hand built in the UK, Shokbox is unique in its appearance and stands alone in performance. With sweeping lines and contours, we were purposeful in the design process, avoiding flat surface areas our smart design gives strength and added protection without increasing the overall weight or compromising internal security and impact integrity.

travel bike bags, Why Shokbox

Safe and Secure

Shokbox is safe, strong and without doubt the safest solution for transporting your bike. With TSA latches and GPS tracking our design incorporates Shokbox’s revolutionary impact damping system and smart impact zones, we use seminal technology and suspend the frame and wheels in an amniotic type cavity to give ultimate protection for your bike.

Quick and Easy

Shokbox is the ultimate bike transportation solution, safe and secure but also quick and easy to pack. Throughout the design process we aimed to make Shokbox the easiest bike case to pack in world, with many complications of traditional packing removed, many of Shokbox’s features are designed specifically to simplify and speed up the process without compromising on the safety of your bike.

shokbox the bike box



When you purchase a Shokbox and place your trust and confidence in our products, we believe that all customers should benefit from our understanding, friendliness and a willingness to help.

It’s easy to say, but not always truly meant, but at Shokbox a positive customer journey is engrained in our culture. We value our customer and will always listen. While we accept that sometimes things don’t always go to plan, at Shokbox we will own it and deal with it head on. We will always aim to go that extra mile and always do the right thing.

When you buy a Shokbox product you will receive the highest level of customer support, backed up with Shokbox’s lifetime product warranty.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud to make Shokbox in the UK and willalways ensure that all our materials are sourced ethically.  where possible we support local businesses for our supply chain, simply because that’s the right thing to do – small businesses supporting each other..

Our commitment

  • Delivering Excellent Customer Experience
  • Innovation and excellence – always seeking to innovate and improve our products
  • Honesty and integrity – truth matters
  • Being passionate in everything we do – for the benefit of our customers
  • Within reason- never cut corners in the name of saving money

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