Can A Pay-By-The-Minute Gym App Make Memberships History?

Could Gym monthly membership as we know it be changing forever?

Launched over in the USA a new app that allows you to walk into any gym, fitness studio that is subscribed to the service and you then just join in. No need to pay monthly and never use it, just pay for what you do. Makes sense and you also have the option to try different classes and meet new people.

Will the UK giants of the fitness industry adopt this system or will they be more concerned about losing there recurring income?

Admit it. Your daily gym routine can get, well, boring. Same machines, same sauna, same sweaty guy who refuses to wipe down the treadmill.

A new app called POPiN is helping fitness buffs mix it up by giving them pay-per-minute access to gyms outside their health club plans.

For POPiN CEO Dalton Han, the idea was rooted in his own passion for working out and the desire to get a piece of the sharing ecnomy.

“With technology, we can really make it frictionless to walk into a health club,” Han tells Fast Company. “I knew there has to be a better design, a better way to do this.”

“I said to myself, ‘What would something like that in the fitness industry look like?’” the former app consultant recalls. Consumers could already get day passes, sans the commitment, he knew. But at $30-$50 for the average 45-minute workout, they’ve never been popular.


It’s with that mind-set that Han cofounded POPiN. The Apple and Android app allows customers to access premium membership-only health clubs and pay just for the minutes spent on premises.


With POPiN, users pay between 15¢ and 26¢ per minute. A 45-minute workout comes to around $8—the “cost of a fast food meal,” says Dalton. Users simply check in at a gym’s front desk, where the concierge accounts for the time they start and the time they finish. Then, much like the Uber app, a meter reflects how many minutes are spent, followed by a charge and receipt. The gym splits the fee with POPiN, which takes 20%.


POPiN launched in mid-July with four luxe New York City health clubs, including the 80,000-square-foot Mercedes Club and exclusive CompleteBody in the Financial District. These are bright, airy clubs with sleek retractable-roof pools, indoor basketball courts, jacuzzis, and spacious spas—the kind of places that can command $200-a-month memberships.

Fitness aficionados already have similar apps to choose from an à la carte  menu of various boutique classes (ClassPass), and at-home training convenience (Peloton), but POPiN aims to get them back to the gym itself.

Pay-By-The-Minute Gym App


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