Business Interruption Claims

Business Interruption claims

Im sure there are many small business out there who will breath a sigh of relief after the test case and courts decision. Now some of the business interruption claims will be valid, however it all depends on the actual wording of the policy itself. UK financial regulators took aim at insurers’ attempts to compare … Read more

What Is Fraud And What Are The Penalties If Caught

covid 19 scams

It might just be me doing unlucky but during this Covid, lockdown period the number of attempted scams seems to have increased. Emails, text messages all seem to have increased over this period and its getting more difficult to spot the fake from the real thing. There has been a couple of emails that I … Read more

8 Questions You Need To Ask Before Getting Divorced

man holding his head in his hands as the woman walks away Dewsbury divorce solicitors

Thinking About Getting Divorced or if you’re facing a divorce, then you have a lot to think about. From deciding who is going to start the process, to dividing your finances, there are many practicalities to consider.  In the meantime, here are eight things you need to consider before starting the divorce process. Thinking About … Read more

Money Laundering And Fraud

money laundering solicitors

It’s important that when you start a new business that you do everything right. After all you don’t want to build up your business then fall foul of the law. It is all too easy just to cut a few corners when starting out especially when cashflow is tight. Once you start on that slippery … Read more

Investing In Properties

investment clubs

We all have to make a living but is anyone really happy working for someone else. Of course the bills need paying the kids need feeding. However are you lucky enough to drag yourself out of bed in a morning and be excited about going to work. Perhaps investing in properties is a way out … Read more

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