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If you are into your cricket then you will be aware it will be starting soon. The County Cricket Season kicks off on April the 5th. We are here to show you as well a great cricket training aid

Cricket Training Aid

We are here today to discuss how one can get better at batting in cricket. You the sweet spot on the bat, when you hit it there its effortless. The ball seems to travel so far, the fingers don’t rattle when you hit the ball.

We have all done the perfect shot in cricket from time to time. But how many times have we been so close to that perfect shot. Imagine having 4 or 5 perfect strikes every over. How would you know if your close to perfection or not.

Strike Spot

Stop the from page as someone has designed a cricket training aid to give that feed back. You can now look at your bat and see exactly where you struck the ball.

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Strike Spot

Image that, instant feed back from every time you strike the ball. Its never been easier finding that sweet spot.

The Cricketer

Strike-Spot is a sticker which you apply to the face of your bat, and will show you exactly where the ball has hit your bat. How does it do this? On that sticker is an active layer that reacts when it experiences any kind of hard impact. This means that any hard ball, regardless of the colour or the material they are made from, will create a red mark on the sticker when they hit it.

Each sticker lasts for approximately 50 balls, which is the best part of a decent T20 innings and long enough for an intensive net session. Having it on the bat means you can find out which method works best for playing a specific shot. Then using the best method, you can set about intensively training the muscle memory of that shot, with the Strike-Spot giving you the instant feedback that tells you how well it was executed. source The Cricketer

The Cricket Training Aid Inventor

Simon Burr was the man that brought us this innovative but simple cricket training aid.

“There ought to be some device, gadget or product that would show precisely where I was hitting the ball. I knew I was edging it – that was obvious; but whereabouts on the bat was contact being made?  If I only knew, I could make some adjustments and have a better chance of hitting the middle of the bat more often”

Simon Burr Strike Spot

And it turns out there was no such thing on the market at all.

Strike-Spot has been labelled “the most innovative batting product in 20 years” by a major bat maker. 

Strike Spot

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Strike Spot Cricket Training Aid

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The first teams to play are,

  • Hampshire Vs Essex at the Ageas Bowl Southampton
  • Nottinghamshire Vs Yorkshire at the Trent Bridge Nottingham
  • Somerset Vs Kent at the The Cooper Associates Ground Taunton