Digital Fraud

During the lockdown it seemed that the fraudsters were using their time to create more devious ways to part the public from their money. As they are becoming more common I have decided to show them all on this blog post. This in the hope that you will come back to see the new ones I add so you do not get caught out by these online fraudsters

TV license Scam

This was an email I received, the first time I nearly fell fo it, but then I remembered I do my TV licence by direct debit. Below is how the email address shows in the first instance

TV licence scam email address

I have a MacBook and if click on the side of the email it reveals the true email address and this one was

This is what the body of the email looked like, pretty convincing I think. Of course if you click the link you will be handing over all your banking details to fraudsters.

email body for TV licensing scam

Royal Mail Missing Address Scam

So today have another email and this one is from the Royal Mail saying that a parcel has a missing address. No address but they have my email address to let me know and this was sent from

This one wasn’t so convincing as the TV email, see below for the screen shot of the Royal Mail missing address scam.