HyperX Cloud II Headset Review in 2019 Detailed Honest. Still Worth It

We have a hyper x product and this is the HyperX cloud two gaming headset. It’s the Perot Gaming headset. This headset does come in two colours. As you see we have a red and black year. It also comes in a silver and black model and they range give or take around 80 to a hundred bucks. Pennell, where you buy from and what the current sale is. But it was what I do is bring you and show you the headset first, then I’ll be back with you. What kind of talk about it. Talk about some pros, cons, what I think about it, whatnot and get our conclusion and talk about is it worth that $80 to $100 dollars and I’ll be right back with you.

You get two sets of ear cups as you saw in the close-ups right there. You have this one, a velvet, you know, a typeset right here. And then you have this pleather set. I highly recommend you’re sticking with the pleather set. It holds in a lot more sound. You get a little bit of, sadly, not saying it’s bad with these, but it sounds a lot better with the pleather ones.


Now you get the mic over here and the mic does come with a windscreen on it. So a nice little touch there as well. Knocked the set down a few bucks and keep that out of there. But anyway, it’s a little aeroplane adapter, whatever. There is a USB Adapter and real quick before any further, this only works on PC and PS4. It does not work on as Xbox. But again, the headset is three-point so you can plug it into your switch, your mobile or your Xbox controller. If you have the newer updated controller, you can control your volume up or down your mic up or down.

Activate the surround sound right on the headset, it then lights up red whenever it is activated. And then you have your little mic mute switch over on the other side and then you have a clip on the bottom. If you want to just, you know, just clip it right on and be all pro-life. Considering we’re using the HyperX cloud core pro, you better look pro, but also the USB on this guy is a heavy, heavy-duty braided cable, like a nice heavy-duty. So you don’t gotta worry about crimping or pinching this guy when it’s hanging on the floor. But it is long. Then you also have the cable on the headset, which is how it connects to the headset. So all in all, you have this massive long cable, so you don’t gotta worry about length. You’re good there.


All right, so now let me get all of this stuff off the table here and we’ll start talking about this stuff later on down the road when we start talking about the build and sound and stuff like that. But what I’d like to start right now is the headset and comfort, and I’d hate to start it off on this foot right here because it’s a negative. That negative I think is only for my head shape, I guess, or my comfort, you know, and maybe yours, but again, don’t take this as a negative as, hey, the headset is junk or it’s garbage or it’s no good. Again, this is a personal preference, a negative, I think, you know what I mean? In what, where I go with that, and again, this doesn’t matter what your cups, as you can see right here, I have one of each, one of the pleather in one of them, a little velvet one right there just to kind of show, you know, again, I do prefer the pleather ones that locks in the sound anyways, that’s later on.


But again, as far as that comfort, whenever you put them on right here and they fit nice, they extend out and they got some flex to them. But when you put them on that kind of headset, very similar to a Razer headset, if you used a razor headset before or any of the other hybrid ex, I mean, they’re all pretty much built the same. And what they do is they press more up top rather than the back right there. It’s hard to explain. So let’s just say it’s, you know, maybe my head shape on the back where maybe it swoops in a little bit more. So as you can see what these guys like, you’re seeing a very mild, adjustment right there when I’m trying to spin them in and out, they don’t move at all.

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