It’s Cool To Be Fit Again Get Up Off Your Lazy Arse

It’s Cool To Be Fit Again

If finishing tasks are a challenge or the idea of starting something new, no matter how small, is unbearable then this may be the result of depleted motivation. Experiencing motivation loss or a lack of inspiration at home, at work or at leisure can be contributed to a number of factors. With various sport events on TV across the world this time of year such as the European Football Finals, Wimbledon and the world renowned Lions series tour in New Zealand you may be thinking “look at these guys, they are half my age”. Then in most cases you would be right, but you can use the success of these events and enjoyment of watching to kick start your fitness goals, your concentration levels and increase your overall performance across different aspects of your life. Read on to find out how!

What’s stopping you!?

If your mid 30 spread has turned into a mid-40 spread then it’s time to stop it in its tracks and find out why. When energy levels are low, enthusiasm is non-existent and you are struggling to find a reason for this then it’s easy to indulge in something effortless like food or endless TV, especially when Game of Thrones is on. This can contribute to making the issue even worse, as you have found something pleasurable to mask the lack of motivation. A key point to recovering your motivation and concentration is to pinpoint what is causing the underlying lack of interest and routine in the first place.

Date for your Diary

When leading a busy life it can be very easy to skip breakfast and/or lunch, then you find yourself in a position where it’s difficult to get much done because of a lack of necessary glucose to help your thinking power. Neglecting physical needs can decrease your motivation to get fit or keep fit so it’s crucial to keep track of any negative habits or routines. A top tip to help overcome this is to complete a daily diary of your routines both behavioural and nutritional to see if there are any common trends throughout the week. If there are, boosting your motivation and changing your lifestyle may be as simple as not stopping at Starbucks on the way to work every morning and making your own breakfast smoothies instead. Kick of those flip flops and do it.

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Ask Yourself

From your diary you can see where your negative habits are at its worse, and how long they have been going on for. It can also help to establish if motivation or enjoyment is lost, or was it there a few weeks ago and it’s just misplaced! You can ask yourself questions such as why do you feel like this, why now, what may help, what has changed recently? These are questions that you can explore yourself and as a family to discover reasons from a personal perspective to why you’re just watching sport and not playing it.

Interest Yourself

It may seem obvious but a further top tip to getting started towards your health and fitness goals is to make decisions around something you really want to do. If you are low on enthusiasm when it comes to decision making then it can challenging enough to manage every day decisions themselves. However, pick a sport, a hobby, an interest, a goal of losing weight or anything that allows you to join in with your friends. This way decision making is a lot easier because you a vested interest in the exercise. Exercise can become difficult if you are not enjoying what you are doing.

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To do or not to do

To help with motivation and concentration levels create a to do list of decisions rather than tasks, this way you will know what needs to be decided throughout the day.
By doing something you want to do helps to increase motivation as you can rely on past experiences and the pleasures you received previously. For example start by doing something small, very small, that needs to be done around the home, or that you have put off will require only five minutes of time, such as putting the washing on the line, replacing bulbs or mowing the lawn.  This snow ball effect can create a chemical reaction that encourages positive thoughts, reactions and satisfaction. The following day a slightly bigger task can be completed which increases that positive feedback you receive. By seeing the accomplishments and how little effort they take, this will impact on having to make these decisions in the future. By realising this progress, the enjoyment you receive and the physical exercise you are getting you will soon be searching for it at home, at work and across different areas of your life with friends and family.

Review Yourself

It could be time to review your goals, going over your old goals and how you plan to achieve them can help regain sight of your overall direction. If you wanted to take up an exercise class, join a team, or go running with a friend then why haven’t you yet?! Have you even asked your friend if they want to go yet?! This simplest of changes can spark the biggest of achievements. Use your diary to review previous weeks and see how things have changed. For example why is Thursday night still empty when you said you were going to join in on the local 5 a side football tournament?

Quick Fix

Finally aim to gently dissect solvable problems, its ok to ask yourself whether the problem has a fast solution, this is not cheating! If it does, the best way to fix your motivation is to fix the problem. This could be simply talking to a boss about issues in work or restarting that game of squash you used to do every Tuesday evening, starting over again can bring back memories of what you used to enjoy doing!

If you’re a busy parent, buried into your working routines then you are not alone. I know from personal experience how tough it is trying to balance work, home life, eating, sleeping, chores, changing nappies, oh and by the way trying to keep healthy and active! However, with a few small changes to your daily and weekly structure you can lower your body fat and increase your energy levels while you’re at it. Your busy lifestyle will more than likely remain busy, but that’s ok because managing your time more effectively will allow you to get up and get at them, moving you closer to the body you deserve.

Get up Get Motivated

It’s Cool To Be Fit Again
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