Karl Morley

Many years in the making full of life experiences.

Martial Arts Qualifications

Started Karate in 1983 in the style Wado Ryu (A mix of striking and grappling). Attained the level of 2nd Dan Black Belt in Wado Ryu whilst in the NAKMAS, the only independent national governing body for martial arts. Registered as a 2nd Dan Black Belt.

Coach Education course consisting of, Workshops, Seminars and Lectures by Tony Gummerson on Child abuse, doping, special needs and nutrition.

Sports Psychology

Diploma in Sports Psychology with

SEO Training

After many years running an affiliate site and making a few bob I decided that I should formalise all my SEO knowledge. The first course I took was all the Yoast training modules. I think it is important to keep up to date with all the changes that Google implements and thats why I subscribe yearly to the Yoast package to keep learning.

I have also subscribed to a well know SEO Agency owner who gives daily SEO tips on Linkedin. Mark Williams Cook has now given out over 500 tips and is a fountain of knowledge. Thats why I signed up to his SEO course on Udemy to get a different perspective on how to execute SEO. I know run SME SEO Agency as a freelancer full time since 2018.