Keep Dry In The Extreme

With the weather not doing what it is supposed to do perhaps its time to go to extremes. Winter no longer seems like winter, Summer when it comes after the snow in spring. Not sure about global warming as it just seems to be colder.

Extreme conditions need extreme clothing to stay warm and dry. Let’s explore the options.

The Elka Bib and Brace

Now if you want to be seen wherever you are then this is it. The start of the ultimate waterproof clothing range.

Elka Extreme Bib & Brace
  • Waterproof bib/brace with adjustable braces
  • Welded seams
  • Remains flexible in cold temperatures
  • Oil resistant
  • Inside chest pocket
  • Hard wearing 600gm PVC/Polyester fabric

What more could you want.

Waterproof Smock

If you want to complete the look and stay complete dry then this is for you. The ultimate in waterproof workwear.

link to PPG workwear bright orange Elka extreme fishing wear
Elka Fishing Extreme

This will complete the look, you might look like a tangerine but you will stay dry whatever the weather.

Elka The History

ELKA was founded in Karup by Ejnar Lauridsen in 1958. Starting off small with mainly with underwear and then expanding into waterproofs. These are no ordinary waterproof workwear items. These have been designed to keep you dry in all conditions

These are not only suitable to keep you dry on a lads day fishing trip in Falmouth. If you are stuck on a trawler in the middle of the ocean this waterproof fishing gear will keep you dry

– Remain innovative, flexible and create solutions which also lies outside the traditional framework
– Creates and operates a sustainable company that constantly manages to give our customers and employees the confidence inspired by the fact that we at ELKA develop, manufacture and market products of the very best quality.


Bespoke Clothing

At ELKA we work with materials such as PU, PVC, nylon, polyester, microfibre, cotton, etc. Our know-how in production and materials is very important when starting a cooperation on special productions. 

You cannot buy better waterproof clothing than this. Stand out from the crowd and stay dry in any conditions. You’re mates might think you need to get tango’d but you will still be smiling when you dry.

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