Living a Single Sustainable Lifestyle

Don’t get me wrong I am no eco warrior but doing my freelance day job I get to research a lot of topics. The last one I did today actually got me thinking, am I doing my bit for the environment and the future for my kids. The honest answer is no I am not at all, or maybe some on reflection. I don’t do recycling but then I do live on the second floor of flats and there is no provisions for recycling.

However, there is not much need for me to recycle, I do not eat out of tins, I do not eat ready meals. What I drink is coffee that is in recyclable tins, wine in recyclable glass bottles. So on reflection I might not be messing up this earth too badly after all. I am not waiting for 2022 to make a resolution because it starts right now.

December 2021 Sustainable Life Style Start

So it begins but you will have to bear with me and pop back to see how it’s going because this is just the beginning of the single sustainable lifestyle.