Marc Darcy A Suit To Be Reckoned With

A suit is a suit isn’t it ? Well it seems not as the suits produced by Marc Darcy seem to be making quite an impact. Not just a quick fashion fad but something that looks like it will carry on being popular.

Marc Darcy by tom dick and harry of falkirk

Its not always been the case of popularity for the Marc Darcy suits based in Manchester. Starting back in 1989 manufacturing and designing formal wear for the markets. It wasn’t until they turned to some of the famous people in Manchester fortunes changed.

Marc Darcy & Manchester Fame

Its skyrocketing sales have been credited to getting the famous to start wearing their suits. Lee Sharpe and David May (ex Man Utd) started wearing Marc Darcy in public. The company did not stop there, with a taste of success the stars of Emmerdale, Coronation St and the only ways Is Essex boosted it even further.

    Marc darcy tweed suit

Now the Marc Darcy suits are worn by many celebrities and some of the rich and famous. Everyone wants a bit of flair and style and to look like their hero’s. The great thing about the suits is that they are an affordable luxury. Value for money with great tailoring with style.

Awards For Marc Darcy

Drapers Independent Awards have awarded Marc Darcy suits Menswear Independent of the year. Two years running in 2017 and 2018, quite an achievement considering the amount of competition out there.

They will probably be on the next years short list as well.

Marc Darcy Stockist

Not only a major brand themselves they also supply independent retailers. One such retail whom seem to sell more Marc Darcy suits than anything else is Tom Dick & Harry in Falkirk. A small independent retailer who runs two shops in total.

Runway Boutique (women fashion) is the other retail unit. Pat the proprietor is always willing to go that extra mile for customers. She will even arrange private viewings within the opening hours and outside. buy Marc Darcy.

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