Playboy Bunny Creator Dies Hugh Hefner

Playboy Bunny Creator Dies

The creator of the ultimate female fantasy dies aged 91. The man who lived the dream any man would if they could has passed away at his home. Hugh started his career as a copywriter at Esquire.

He also created another reason to visit a casino, not just the gambling, no the views across the roulette tables was a site to behold with the Bunny Girls. These iconic ladies spurned a worldwide brand with the famous logo alone and was stuck every piece of merchandise imaginable. There was no stop button and eventually the brand become so diluted that the exclusivity died along with it.

Playboy  Bunny Casino

I was lucky enough to be involved with the relaunch of the Playboy Casino in 2011 when I worked for a casino supply company. I was the area manager for the south of the country so it gave me access to all ares of the casino. We supplied the roulette tables, the card tables and a lot of the electronic gaming equipment. I also visited quite a few times once the Casino was open and on the first occasion I went with some customers and I went to the bar to get them some drinks and a gorgeous bunny girl served me and then another walked up to me and asked if I would like them taking to the table, of course I said “Yes” as I turned I noticed that my guest for the night had picked the table right behind me and next to the bar so it took the bunny girl hostess all of 5 secs to place the drinks on the table. Very nice indeed but then when I looked at the receipt I noticed that I had been charged £5 extra for the privilege of the view. That works out a £1 a second and even though I was using the company credit card (entertainment for customers) and not my own money I never let the bunny girl hostesses take my drinks to the table again.

playboy bunny casino

The one thing that did strike as a little odd in the Plaboy casino when it first opened was the barbers chair ! Im not sure if its still there as its been a few years since I have been.

The Playboy Casino London is a members only casino so you need to be one of the well heeled people of society or at least know one to get in as a guest. I am not sure of the cost or the criteria to become a member of the Playboy club but that olde adage “if you have to ask how much it is then you can’t afford it”  Playboy Casino  .  The next best thing is simply to go for a drink in the bar below the Playboy Club Casino. Originally it was called Salvatore and was run by Salvatore Calabrese an award wining cocktail shaker. The name has changed now to the Tale Bar and looks just as inviting so It may be your ideal start into the world of bunny girls. If you don’t want to travel all the way down to London but still fancy a punt

Playboy Bunny The Bar

playboy bunny


London’s original Playboy Club at 45 Park Lane opened in 1966 and became a noted hangout for celebrities and the wealthy. It closed in 1981 after gaming licences were revoked (source)


A former copywriter for Esquire, Hefner founded Playboy in 1953. More than just a lad’s mag, Playboy became famous for publishing long-form journalism by some of the world’s most renowned writers alongside its centerfolds. At its peak in the 1970s, the magazine had amassed a readership of around seven million. While its influence dwindled in subsequent decades, the vast cultural impact of the Playboy brand—epitomized by the notorious party scene centered on Hefner’s Playboy Mansionis undeniable. (source)

Some say Hugh was just a male chauvinist pig exploiting women but was he really.

Playboy Bunny The Start

Hugh Hefner created Playboy at his kitchen table in Chicago. The magazine was blamed for (or credited with) setting off a cultural revolution in America, but within a few years Hefner was branded a male chauvinist. He was a proponent of free speech and … ‘Playboy’ Founder Hugh Hefner, Champion Of Free Speech And ‘Smut’, Dies At 91 – Maine Public

playboy bunny

Playboy Bunny Editor

Hugh Hefner drew cartoons when he attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and served as the managing editor for a campus magazine, introducing a “coed of the month” feature. USA TODAY. Hugh Hefner. Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner … Hugh Hefner’s legacy includes six Tennessee Playmates, four from Memphis – The Commercial Appeal

Playboy Bunny

Candace Jordan, who was Playboy’s Chicago Playmate of the Year in 1976, remembered Hefner as a perfect gentleman who was ahead of his time. Hefner is a relic of another time and, for better or worse, we’ll never see anyone like him, writes Heidi …Chicago Sun-Times Week in review: Cubs clinch, Hugh Hefner remembered and Rauner signs abortion bill – Chicago Tribune

Playboy Bunny Transgender

10/01/2017 09:13 am ET Updated 8 hours ago Trans Supermodel Shares How Hugh Hefner Fought For Her When No One Else Would The late mogul became an ally for trans visibility and awareness years before many others. Playboy founder and Editor-In-Chief Hugh Hefner has left a complicated legacy . The late adult entertainment business mogul, who died at the age of 91 on Wednesday , was revered by some for breaking boundaries and despised by others for enforcing them. But no matter ― or perhaps because of how ― controversial Hefner was, the internet couldn’t stop talking about him this week. Caroline Cossey , a supermodel whose career was thrown into chaos when tabloids outed her as transgender in the early ’80s, has her own take on Hefner. After her outing, with her career and personal life in shambles, Cossey had lost hope for a comeback until Playboy offered to shoot her for an upcoming issue. Trans Supermodel Shares How Hugh Hefner Fought For Her When No One Else Would

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Playboy Bunny Final Resting Place

Celebrity Deaths in 2017: Stars We’ve Lost TMZ reports that the Playboy founder, who died on Wednesday, September 27, at the age of 91 , was farewelled in an intimate ceremony attended by his four children, wife Crystal Harris and some Playboy staffers at the Westwood Village Memorial Park in L.A. at noon on Saturday. Hef was placed in a crypt to the left of Monroe’s. He bought the burial spot in the Corridor of Memories Mausoleum in 1992 for $75,000. Hefner was laid to rest in the crypt to the left of Monroe Douglas Keister/Corbis via Getty Images The movie star, who died in 1962 at the age of 36, appeared on the cover of the first issue of Playboy magazine in December 1953, and Hef said in 2012 that he felt a “double connection” to Monroe , who was born the same year as him. Hugh Hefner Laid to Rest Next to Marilyn Monroe in Private Ceremony – Us Weekly

Hugh certainly lived his life to the full, following his desire to succeed in life. Perhaps if we all took a little of his passion and determination with self belief we would also rise to the top of our chosen careers.