Reduce the Excuse to Exercise

Do any of these sound familiar? Let’s take a look…..

Don’t have enough time • I’m just too tired • The results never appear • I don’t like exercising on my own • Gyms are so expensive • I don’t know what to do? • It’s a waste of time, I’ll only put the weight back on and more!! and the final one: I’m too old, fat, embarrassed and uncoordinated to exercise

Even doing ‘Nothing’ burns calories, this is known as (Basal Metabolic Rate) – We burn calories while we’re sleeping, so in general adults around 0.4 calories per pound (0.18kg) body weight per hour. Therefore, someone weighing 150 pounds and sleeping 8 hours at night could burn about 480 calories (0.4 x 150lb x 8) = 480 (0.4 x 68kg x 8) = 218 calories

Before I go any further, this is quite interesting too (approximately) Calories per 100 grams

Banana 89 cals • Cadbury’s Crème Egg 450 cals • Baked Potato with Butter 250 cals • Walkers Ready Salted 528 cals

Also 180 calories in one, just one 40 gram Cadbury’s Crème Egg

There are 132 calories in a 1 bag serving of Walkers Ready Salted Crisps (25g)

A Litre of Coca Cola has 372 Calories

Don’t have enough time…..

OK, fair comment, but really? Any exercise is beneficial, try and think the next time you are relaxing with a cup of coffee, or maybe the last thing at night, maybe first thing in the morning. How can I fit just 10 minutes aside, in my busy daily schedule, to do some gentle, moderate exercise. Any activity is better than none. Start with small, achievable steps, 3 times a week, slowly increasing this by 2 minutes per session every week, until you are happy with your new daily/weekly workout routine. Could you wake 15 minutes earlier on training days? Could you extend your lunch break? or maybe go for a brisk walk after work to relax you after a stressful day?

Coming soon

I will be adding to my collection of videos. The aim will be to help you exercise around the house. While watching your favourite soap or listen to your top ten tunes on the radio and simply using items you have in and around your home.

I’m just too tired…..

Exercise will actually ‘Wake you up’ so try and start the day with basic stretching, walking or maybe dancing movements to some music? Just start every other day and see how you feel. It may tire your muscles but exercising will actually make you feel more ‘energised’ and improve your mood. A long term goal of 30 minutes a day for 3 days out of your week, is a great effort. Exercise increases your blood flow meaning your heart is pumping oxygen to your brain, muscles, and tissues faster. Also promoting the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and natural endorphins that will make you feel better. Don’t exercise too near bed time though, as you may struggle to sleep.

The results never appear…..

What is it you want to achieve and is it realistic to a timescale? If you have a wedding dress to get into in 14 days time and you need to lose 3kg, this is unrealistic, yes? Yes. Plan and consider your options: What do I need to do? How long should it take and how much weight do I need to lose. Or maybe you are planning to run a charity race? so you need to work on fitness and toning? The results will only appear if you are prepared to put in some effort and be patient. Things to consider when training: Intensity: How hard you train. Age: Is a major factor, what you could do aged 19 you can still complete at age 49 but with different results. Gender/Race: Males and Female body types have different ‘tolerances’ (I’ll leave that one there) Fitness Level: Individual Personal fitness level, a swimmer can be an excellent swimmer, yet, they may find it difficult to cycle or run. Altitude: and I don’t mean training upstairs. Exercising at altitude simply means there is less oxygen, therefore the heart will have to work harder to achieve the same results when we train around sea level. Activity: Combine all of the previous information, then the activity. Aerobic and anaerobic will deliver different results, find out exactly where you want to be. A log/chart can help monitor your progress.

I don’t like exercising on my own…..

This doesn’t need be a barrier. Exercising while listening to music, watching TV or podcasts and even an audio book. Enjoying with a friend, partner or a group increases motivation and consistency, while helping to keep your commitment to exercise even when you are tired. Find an exercise program that both caters to your fitness level and that you actually look forward to. It is also important to switch things around every few weeks or so that you don’t fall into a routine. Keep it varied, interesting and challenging and train at different times of the day.

Gyms can be so expensive…..

This can be an issue, especially if you have to commit to long term memberships. Or, there may not be a local gym close by and you live on a budget. As mentioned earlier, I will release a video shortly on how to exercise for free in the comfort of your own home. Meanwhile, take a few minutes to view free and affordable videos online on You Tube or Netflix. All you need are open spaces (kitchen, lounge, stairway, even the outdoors) suitable, loose clothing, a bottle of water and sufficient time, oh and maybe a towel to wipe your brow.

I don’t know what to do?

Housework duties are exercise, so you’re probably halfway there already. Walking/Vacuuming around the house, Ironing, Climbing the Stairs, Gardening Duties, Cleaning the Windows, anything that increases your heartrate. It’s a great starting area, then over time slowly increase the intensity. Also, make a list of exercises you think you maybe willing to try and another list you definitely won’t. Here are a few ideas: Sit-ups, Walking up & down stairs, the Plank, Squats, Lunges and Press-ups. Google these if they are new to you. For safety reasons, if you aren’t sure about your fitness, first consult your doctor. After time, you will be able to increase distance, carry a backpack, travel over rough terrain, there are so many options to mention here.

It’s a waste of time, I’ll only put the weight back on and more!!

Right, it won’t be easy, but let’s at least start somewhere, as it’s maintaining the weight loss which is the aim here, maybe, but we need to know why, so we can focus on our immediate, short term goal. Society promotes ‘Guilt and Shame’ in this area, yet Obesity, Diabetes, Stress, Sleep Issues, Joint Problems and many more are real issues. The quality of life is down to how you treat your body. If you know where you want to be, take that first step and grow the challenge one day at a time. Keep in mind that you may fail, things will become difficult at times, but allow this to make you stronger and more determined to achieve what you set out on your first mission. The journey will take twists and turns, but travel the distance to where you want to be.

I’m too old, fat, embarrassed and uncoordinated to exercise…..

When something is unfamiliar or uncomfortable, it’s a normal response to avoid it.  Whether you feel too old, too overweight, or ridiculous in workout clothes, there is a simple solution. Start small, but start with something. Swimming is excellent if you want a full body workout, it is also non loadbearing, so great if you have aching joints or physical limitations. Age is no excuse, there are many activities aimed at the ‘more mature’ sector, why not get in touch with your local council. Look at all the paragraphs again, there is something which covers this, for example start exercising from home. Good Luck.

Plan your next day before you go to bed and look forward to the challenge. Keep hydrated and well nourished, it will help with the quality of exercise and sleep. If you are still making excuses, just finish off by reading this and stay focused. Most of all keep it interesting and enjoy what you do, you are more likely to succeed.

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