Silver How To Dress Your Table

Traditional Cutlery Settings

Traditionally soup was always served first, even a two course meal would consist of a soup and a main. However it seems that soup has fell not only from tradition but from peoples pallets. Its now considered food for slimmers with is a shame as soup can be wonderful food.

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Traditional silver cutlery set. Soup spoon, main course silver knife and fork. Then desert silver spoon and fork 

Traditionally even as far as a five course meal you would have soup to start with. Only on a six course would you have Hors d’oeuvres first then of course the next course would be soup. At Edinburgh Silver we have a large selection on Silver Cutlery.

Forgotten Silver Cutlery The Fish Knife

Soup may have fallen out of favour but not as much as a fish knife. Yes we do still eat fish but usually as a main course. Today we just use a normal knife, who still owns a silver fish knife. Long gone are the traditions of having a fish course before the meat course.

Fish Knife 

Usually the fish course came into play in a five course meal. Soup first then the fish dish. Next came the meat dish and then the dessert. The last course one of my favourites the cheese course. We have fish knifes and the children just think they are plain weird. Bring back the silver fish knife.

Table Setting Cutlery Now The Extras

They always say dress to impress and why not use the same philosophy when dressing your table for dinner. The same applies dress the table to impress. Decorate with style, pomp and circumstance. Make the neighbours go green with envy and get out your best silver tableware.

Silver Claret Jug

This certainly a show stopper on your table setting. Made from solid silver and hallmarked, this can also be engraved as well. Made from lead crystal Magnum Silver Claret Jug.

silver claret jug hallmarked made from lead crystal perfect for the dinner table
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Claret can be served with a number of dishes and I would suggest a main course. If it is a light young claret a burger would suffice or a chicken dish. If the claret is a little more complex and aged which makes it a little heavier. I would then suggest something richer in taste such as roast lamb dish. Or a steak with a rich jus, a beef bourguignon would also be great. Silver Decanters

Claret would also pair with some cheeses as well. A perfect piece to enhance any table setting.

Table Setting Cutlery & Silver Napkin Rings

There is nothing nicer than coming to the table and having a nice cloth napkin. Please not a paper napkin were not in Burger King. If you have a nice set of heavy cloth napkin rings what better way to dress them. Silver napkin rings and this depends on your taste and budget.

Silver Napkin Rings Over a Thousand Pounds

Alwyn Carr Napkin Ring
Alwyn Carr Napkin Ring
 London 1922 by Alwyn Carr Dimensions: 59mm high x 50mm wide; 48g weight. Price £2,675.00