The 60 Day Challenge To A Better Life

This could be a long one, but it is my way of staying on track. Day 1, Can I just say you don’t have to wait until New Years Day or 7 days before a wedding to try and make a difference to your life/body/mind whatever, but you may need to plan and prepare, as it may not be a pleasant journey.

I have failed a few times, this is totally new to me. Don’t wait until you have to lie on your bed to fasten your jeans to get them on.

Good Intentions Of A Better Lifestyle

My day started as normal, I don’t get the ‘Monday Blues.’ It’s been in the back of my mind for a while and thought, get the camera rolling before I talk myself out of it. Cereal for breakfast, then swim at noon with Bev Simpson who is supporting me all the way and vice-versa, 64 lengths – 1 mile around 40 minutes, a variety of drills, medium to fast pace. At home, pint of diluted Orange, 2 medium Baked Potatoes (No butter, never do) with plain Cottage Cheese a Coffee and selection of Biscuits. Tonight, walk to the leisure centre a mile or just less, 3 hours teaching by the pool, walking around so I’ll pop another mile on there, plus the return home. Bev made Spag Bol, so a plate of that beauty, washed down with Fresh Orange & Lemonade, oh and a bun from her afternoon ‘Baking’ Activity,

I’m so proud of today and feel great of what I have achieved, maybe it’s having ‘no bread?’ certainly by having ‘no alcohol’ let’s see how long that will last. Anyway, that’s basically it. Hope all your days went well, let me know if you want, you don’t need to drag it out like I did. Enjoy what you do. Thanks for reading.

The Progress So Far

59 days to go. While I slept well last night after my ‘energetic’ day, I do realise a beer or two helps enormously, to get you settled and off to sleep. A busy day ahead, jotting ideas down, as I tuck into Weetabix (Tesco brand, we’re not made of money) for future posts or videos. 2 hour Staff training @ 08:30 lifesaving/scenarios and speed challenges, then back home to make oven baked potatoes x 2 with Ham Salad, this will keep me going until a break around 3pm
Today has been mainly teaching, must have covered 6 miles. I’ll struggle to post tomorrow as I have ‘adult improvers’ in the morning, then lifeguarding until 10pm I’m feeling great about how it’s working out. I’ve not moved away from food I use to eat, but I haven’t had alcohol, ate late into the night or made excuses not to exercise. A Great personal achievement for the first 24 hours. time.
Night folks.