The Wireless Headphones for You


Originally I Bought these headphones for my daughter but after a few sneaky trails whilst she was at school I wear them on a regular basis whilst sat here working on my affiliate web sites to sum up inspiration. Comfy to wear and it shuts out all the surrounding distractions . Dont take my word from its see what the guys at Expert Reviews have to say about them

The SoundLink Around Ear Headphones II is expensive but they’re comfortable and sound great

Bose is probably better known for its active noise-cancelling QuietComfort headphone range. Any regular commuter will likely encounter a pair or two in the course of the day. While the SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II don’t have any active noise-cancelling, they still do a surprisingly good job of sealing out ambient sound through their ‘circumaural’ earcups. It meant I found them still usable in all but the loudest of environments and very commuter-friendly.


The SoundLink IIs only weigh around 195g, meaning they don’t sit too heavily on your head. The underside of the contoured headband is also generously padded and the ear cushions are equally soft. The earcups completely surround your ears and the headband doesn’t exert too much tension and is height adjustable on rails, meaning the SoundLink IIs are very comfortable to wear.

Remote control buttons for volume adjustment, controlling your music and answering calls is integrated into the rear side of the right earcup. These are easy to find and each button is distinctly sized and spaced so you can press the right one without any issues. On the outside of the earcup is a switch for turning the speakers on, as well as putting them into pairing mode.

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Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II review | Expert Reviews

The Wireless Headphones for You

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